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Our expert team provide dedicated SWOT sessions with you and your team to find and evaluate the opportunities and benefits relevant to your industry, business and products.


Our team have experience executing blockchain based projects in enterprise and startups alike.  Our development experience combined with unique project management approach in this niche space will maximize success.


With a global network and decades of experience in managed services our team have the skills to manage your Blockchain services and products


Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

Lead Consultant and Director

A Financial Services Technology expert Simon has over ten years’ experience working for and leading projects with Australias leading banks in both a global and domestic capacity.
His experience has spanned many areas of Technology including a position with a major domestic bank as joint working group lead for Distributed Ledger (DLT) Technology and strategy. This role comprised; group education, evangelising of the technology opportunity and threats, development of business opportunities as well as contribution, establishment and execution of many Blockchain related experiments, PoC’s, Pilots, collaborations and partnerships.

Outside of this role Simon is also a passionate and active leader in the Blockchain community both locally as an original member of the Blockchain Melbourne meetups, facilitating and hosting a workshop at the Blockchain Summit 2017 and more.

Simon is also an active member of the ASEAN Association of Crypto-currency Enterprises and Start-ups (ACCESS), the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and the MIT FinTech community and is an advisor to the ‘SlaveFreeTrade – World Blockchain Academy for girls’ initiative.  Simon is also a member of the advisory board for the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA).  He has also previously been invited to host workshops on DLT in Dubai, Malaysia, and India.

Simon holds MIT ‘Future of Commerce’ certification where his project ‘Crowdwise’ for which he was CEO was voted in the top 20 of over 1000 FinTech start-ups. Additionally, he holds certification with Stanford for ‘Economics – Game Theory’ and has achieved certifications in discrete Mathematics, Computer Science Data Structures, programming and JavaScript, along with other Blockchain relevant fields.

In 2018 Simon founded Decentralize.

Simon is known by clients for his pragmatic, strategic and structured approach to distilling and solving complex problems as well as his passion for the Blockchain eco-system and technology.


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