Hi and Welcome to Decentralize.global!

At Decentralize we are focussed on delivering and supporting the delivery of what we believe is a fundamental upgrade of the Internet as we know it with the help of technology like Blockchain!

Everyone today recognises the immense impact the Internet and computer networks have had on every industry, business and country around the world. It has changed the reach and speed with which we and the machines we rule can communicate but previously it has had two fundamental flaws that have severely limited what we can share and the way we share it.

Governments, banks, corporations, and businesses have stepped in to fill the void and there is an immense infrastructure built to do so.

The two weaknesses are that the internet has never had a native mechanism for ownership or control of the information that flows across it.
In daily life if I hand you a cake and you take it then you know that you have it and I don’t. On the internet there was no such surety. I could hand you the cake and also hand it to ten others, while still retaining my own version.

This sounds like a small miss but is in actual fact huge as ownership is a fundamental attribute of a huge amount of our transactions. Moreover without ownership there is no control over what happens to the data we set free.. this as well has massively limited what we can share and how.

As above our main method for dealing with these gaps has been to insert ‘trusted’ entities in the middle of our transactions to act as a central access point for our data on certain terms.

Blockchain offers a fundamental shift as it provides these features natively into our transactions without the need for a central intermediary.

It allows us to re-imagine all sorts of business models, products, collaborations, and problems and is the perfect complement to innovations like Internet of Things, AI and ML for automation, protection of data and lots lots more.

Our conviction is that this technology will revolutionalise every industry and even society itself. It will enable a global community, protect and connect billions, and provide a foundation for automations in every aspect of our lives.

We are just at the start of this movement and there is much to do so let’s build it together!!!